So what's the deal with herpes? "Asking for a friend.”

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Hi, My name is Rich

My story

My name is Rich, and I have herpes. Yes, it's true, but honestly, I'm no different than billions of other people on the planet who already have herpes except I suffered from it in some of the worst ways possible. I have HSV type 2, but this type was not confined to just one area of my body. For over 28 years, I was experiencing regular outbreaks on the side of my face, above my left eye, and on my genitals. There were many times I was unable to take antivirals because of the intense side effects, and sometimes they were ineffective at stopping the outbreaks from occurring. There were even some moments of severe pain when I contemplated suicide.

That was until 2016, when I was very fortunate to take part in an experimental vaccine trial for a herpes immuno-therapy vaccine called Theravax. (Created by Rational Vaccines/Dr. Halford now called RVX201). After the immuno-therapy of three shots (and months later), I went a full 15 months with no issues, two minor outbreaks in 2018 (July and Sept), followed by 10 months of being symptom free—the first time in my life after being exposed to the virus. 

On a side note, other people from the trial also benefited from this treatment as well. This is why I wrote a book about my personal experience and why I started the campaign to help Rational Vaccines get this treatment out to the people who need it. (Pending approval and FDA trials) People need to know about this! Right 


My herpes vaccine story

Yes, there are good reasons as to why I talk about the vaccine publicly. It’s because it worked and people need to know about it. 

I remember sitting on the porch and speaking with Bill one on one, at the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean. Of the many conversations and brilliant things he said, I remember this one the most: 

“You know Rich, at the end of the day, even if this vaccine never gets to market, I know that I helped a handful of people and I feel pretty damn good about that.” - Bill Halford 

Why ask for a friend?

Because sometimes we are afraid to ask for ourselves...

When a person is first diagnosed with herpes, the roller-coaster ride of emotions can be overwhelming. After hearing, "You have herpes," many feel like they are lost and alone, but the truth is they are not. You may not be aware, but there are close to 5 billion people who have herpes simplex and many of these people can suffer in the worst way. I wrote this book to not only share my 20+ years of experience and struggle, but to also share an amazing experience of getting healthier and feeling human again because of the life work of Dr.William Halford. It is because of his 20 years of research on the herpes simplex virus, and his discovery of a viable treatment, that my story exists—a new life of no longer taking heavy daily doses of antiviral medication.

About the book...

This book reveals my personal journey to find relief from a debilitating form of herpes, one that I have suffered from for over 20 years. This journey will describe to you in great detail, what it was like to find complete relief through an experimental vaccine created by Dr.William Halford, and in full disclosure, all the intimate details during my treatment overseas on the island of St. Kitts.

In this tell-all memoir, complete with descriptions and photographs, I spend a great deal of time discussing the stigma of herpes and dispelling its many myths. It is my hope that I can provide you with a better understanding of how we can all make changes for a better chance of combating the disease and fighting the mistreatment of those who suffer from it. This book explores my struggles and experiences, while hope remains that people who may be unfamiliar with the effects of herpes, will fully understand the suffering of someone they know and/or love. #AskingForaFriend

To whom it may concern. . .

I do not at any time claim the vaccine is a "cure" for herpes. The phrase, "functional cure" is used to describe the vaccine’s function as a therapeutic treatment—one that allows the body to function normally without showing symptoms of the disease. It is important to note that I do not work for Rational Vaccines, and I am not a doctor, a scientist or a medical professional. I am a human being who has benefited from an amazing treatment and this book describes the details of my personal journey. Opinions expressed within, are based on my personal experience. However, Dr. Bill was a professional and a scientist—a true pioneer—who formed Rational Vaccines with Agustín Fernández III, CEO. 

To view some of his work spanning over 20+ years, please click the link below.

Ask the FDA to fast track the vaccine for herpes.

Please sign and support. Ask the FDA to see what can be done to begin fast tracking clinical testing here in the USA.


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