Reader Testimonials

Jennifer Beasley


"In a sense, remaining hidden perpetuates the stigma and it allows it to grow even further, without any correction or adjustment. The more people who come out about having this disease, the less people will be eager to make fun of or ostracized them, and the less shameful it becomes" ~Rich Mancuso. 

I can't love those two sentences enough!!!! I have found so much truth in them since I became open about my HSV status.



"A must-read for everyone. We should all have a better understanding of what our friends, relatives, and neighbors have been going through silently."



A brave personal account of the reality of life with HSV. Rich faces the stigma, naysayers, and supporters alike by putting it all out there, in your face, with purpose and pride. This relatable account is shared with humor, facts and experience in hopes to reach you, whether you have HSV or know someone that does, offering hope to end discomfort and an antiquated stigma. A must read! Thank you for being brave and standing up for the millions suffering in shame and silence.

Nicola Barnett


"An  unapologetic, yet humorous perspective of reality and finding peace  with it. Kicking stigmas in the junk one bitch slap at a time...

I love it."

Terry Toth


"Your book was really good. I could not put it down."



'Your book gave me chills and made me cry. I couldnt put it down."

Michael D


One of the most honest, courageous and informative personal stories that I have ever had the privilege of experiencing. 

 This is a must read for the generations. Young adults, parents , middle  aged and those of you  in your senior years. Knowledge is power! Become  empowered and know that there are choices , informed decisions and a  solution that can help save millions of lives today and for future  generations.

“It is a Big Deal!” HSV now ,could be a thing of the past!

Sue from New Zealand


I just finished reading this book. 

This book is amazing. 

Everyone should read it. 

Bob D


I was truly surprised by all of this. It's like a whole other world that I had no idea about. I'm glad I got your book but now I want to hear more...

Nicole Roslatov‎


Thank you Rich Mancuso for being brave enough to write this book!! A candid story about your journey of receiving a functional cure has provided a light at the end of a previously dark tunnel. You touch on many different facets surrounding  this disease; you break the ice and make it easy and relatable to speak  about your experience with herpes. An easy read, I finished it in a day.  

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone whose life has been effected  by herpes, and to those who want to learn more about the disease. A+

Kevin W


I finally finished the book. WOW!! it really takes a different type of bravery and courage to stand up like the author did here. Considering the social stigma and the inherent nastiness people display when they are uneducated on a subject, especially something as "taboo" as herpes. I feel it took some serious fortitude to come forward the way he did. He really believes in the vaccination and selflessly helping other who are also suffering. Imagine the gumption it takes to make the choice to be a recipient for the human trials for the vaccine? I hope when the dust settles and people can get some actual relief in their lives from this terrible disease, Rich will get the accolades he deserves. He really puts himself out there both psychically and emotionally to put things in perspective for an otherwise uneducated population. I highly recommend this book, as it gives real insight to the life and struggles that Rich faces day in and day out. I feel he championed a cause that just about 0% of the people out there would have the courage to champion. This is insight EVERYONE suffering or not needs to read. I have a much different view on herpes now, and I do believe that was exactly his point.

Kudos sir, you're doing amazing, selfless work for a community of people who otherwise have no voice.

Diann Hoover


"Asking For A Friend" was a great read. Gives you a firsthand look at what someone with Herpes goes through in their lives. I admire Rich's bravery in putting out this very personal book and saying to hell with the "stigma."  Kudos to you.