Penny for your thoughts campaign

The Penny for your thoughts campaign is a great opportunity that allows you to ask for help and to give you a voice. A voice for yourself or for others who are suffering silently. This effort does not exclude people who are doing just fine and are not affected by the herpes virus, we need your help as well!

I  have created a form letter that can be easily printed and addressed to your own local Congressman/Congresswoman or Senator, asking for help with Herpes research and asking to fast track the study of the experimental Herpes vaccine,  Theravax. This will help the proper representatives understand that we need help now, rather than waiting the customary 15 years. 

Simply click below to access the website. You have a few choices to pick from to help yourself and many others who are suffering. You can sign the petition, write a letter or you can do both! It's all up to you and it's easy. 

References have been moved to the campaign website. 

Click below. 

Penny letter campaign. Click here.